Sjögrens Treatments and Tips

This page contains: 
  • Tips and products for the relief of dry mouth, eyes, nose, skin, hair, and feminine dryness. 
  • It also contains contact information for U.S. and Canadian Sjögrens Centers.
Omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil and flax is said to help Sjogren's Syndrome.

For Oral SS or Dry Mouth

Evoxac - by prescription only. Capsule taken 3x day.

Over the counter products:
Biotene Toothpaste
Biotene Mouth Wash
Oasis Mouth Wash
Oasis Spray
Al-Free Mouthwash
(Do not use any mouthwashes that contain alcohol)
Spry Oral Rinse
Spry Gum
Trident Gum
Thayers Dry Mouth Spray
Med Oral Spray
Numoisen (RX ?)
NeutraSal - RX

Remember that oral SS increases cavities. Avoid sugar and increase all dental care: brushing, flossing and professional cleanings.  Use FLOURIDE toothpaste and nourhwash! I use RX strength Prevident and ACT with Flouride, and..

MI Paste:
If you are experiencing increased decay, you might want to consider adding MI Paste to your dental hygiene routine.

MI Paste is not a toothpaste, but rather an addtional way to prevent decay by providing minerals directly to the tooth surface. It is also very useful as a buffering agent for patients who don't make enough saliva to rinse out food particles and neutralize an acidic environment.

To protect tooth surfaces and buffer acids, you can apply the regular MI Paste every four hours to maintain a neutral pH environment. Some folks actually make acidic saliva, so this buffering plan is especially important for them. There are test kits to determine your ambient pH.

For the MI Paste Plus (with fluoride) you should apply a pea-sized amount twice a day. If you have a custom fluoride tray, you can wipe the stuff on your teeth and then cover them with your fluoride trays to hold it in contact with your teeth longer. Bleaching trays will work just fine too.

TIPS from U Penn Sjögren’s Center* For Treating Dry Mouth:

1. Ask your doctors to discontinue or substitute all medications that cause dry mouth.

2. East smaller, more frequent meals to stimulate saliva flow.

3. Minimize your time in air conditioned environments such as offices, supermarkets, airplanes, etc.

4. Avoid use of mouthwashes, fluoride rinses or products containing alcohol or witch hazel that can aggravate oral dryness or burning.

5. Stop  cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking to lessen dryness and your risk of other oral health problems.

6. Use a humidifier at bedtime (target humidity 40-50%) during the fall and winter months when the air is dry to increase nighttime moisture and decrease discomfort.

7. Increase your intake of liquids (e.g. water, diet soda) during the day. Small sips work best.

8. Chew sugar free gum or suck on diabetic or sugar free candies, ice cubes, fruit pits or lemon rinds to activate reflexes that increase saliva.

9. Try artificial salivas (e.g. Alivart, Med Oral Spray) 2-3 squirts in the mouth every hour while awake and at nighttime as needed. Do not spit out any preparation that is safe to swallow to help it last longer.

10. Apply vitamin E oil to the tongue and inner cheeks 3x/day after meals and at bedtime; puncture capsules or use liquid preparation.  Apply moisturizing gels (.e.g. Oral Balance, Orajel) to dry or sore parts of the mouth or tongue as an addition or alternative treatment.

For Ocular SS or Dry Eye

 Artificial Tears
Blink Gel tears lubricating
Eye Science Dry Eye Formula 
Oasis Tears
Refresh Lubricant Tears (oil based)
Refresh Plus
Tears Naturale
Thera Tears
Theratears Liquid Gel,
Nturee;'s Tears Eye MIST
When evaluating OTC dry-eye drops (primarily artificial tears), there are two primary features to be aware of: The viscosity of the product, and the preservative used.

The preservative helps to extend the life of the product and, more importantly, reduce the likelihood of contamination by bacteria. However, some preservatives also can damage the eye and cause stinging and burning when used over lengthy time-periods. Preservative-free artificial tears avoid these problems, but must be supplied in unit-dose containers to avoid contamination, which significantly increases cost. Newer preservatives such as Polyquad, which are also found in contact lens solutions, are generally less harmful to the eye.

Generally, the more viscous the drop, the longer it will remain on the eye, and therefore the longer the effect of the artificial tear. The disadvantage of higher viscosity, as users of these products will recognize, is blurred vision. Individuals with mild dry-eye will often be happy with a low-viscosity drop.

Patients who use artificial tears more frequently than once every three hours should choose a brand without preservatives or one with special non-irritating preservatives.

RX: Restasis an anti-inflammatory long lasting eye drop,  (NOTE: users report burning upon application)
RX: Lacrisert (pellets that keep eyes moistened all day or all night)

For Nasal SS or Dry Nose

Mucinex Nasal Spray - hard to find. I got it online and it was $38 but well wort it.

For Dry Skin

Moisterel lotion
Ecotrin Dry Skin Care
Dove soap
Caress soap
Aqua Glycolic Lotion
Aqua Care Lotion
(Do no use deodorant soaps and do not shower daily)

        TIPS from U Penn Sjögren’s Center* For Treating Dry Skin:
  • People with dry skin do not need to bathe or shower as often as those with oily skin and less regularly/daily than those with  normal skin. When your skin is dry shower 2 to 3 times weekly or less.
  • Showers are less drying than baths. The shorter the shower the better. Use lukewarm or cool water but never hot.
  • If you must bathe, use Aveeno, Rite Aid, or Alpha Keri Bath Oil in the water.
  • Wash with soap only those areas (i.e. genital region, arm pits) that really need it. Rinse the rest with water. Apply soap with your hands instead of a washcloth, since it is less damaging to the skin.
  • Avoid the use of deodorant soaps such as Dial, Safeguard or Irish Spring. Use oilated soap such as Dove or Caress.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin such as Moisturel lotion or Eucerin Dry Skin Care right after bathing.
  • During the day you can apply Aqua Glycolic lotion or Aqua Care lotion twice daily as  needed. All product are sold over the counter.
  • For severe cases, ask our doctor about prescription lotions for dry skin.


Use shampoo AT MOST once a week. In between rinse thoroughly with water and use a leave in conditioner.

For Female Genital Dryness
KY jelly

See your gynocologist for creams and suppositories.

More survival tips at Sjögren’s Foundation.

* U Penn is one of three U.S. Sjögren's Centers: